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Supreme Court Ruling Could Limit Medical Board Authority

Posted almost 4 years ago by Nicholas M Perrino

"State medical boards may find it harder to fence off the practice of medicine from nonphysicians — think nurse practitioners — in the wake of today's Supreme Court decision in a case about teeth whitening."

It would be curious to see the "example" they cited of "nurse practitioners who provide services that were beyond their qualifications without any physician supervision."  If these exist, they are likely not the norm; and, there are very likely parallel examples of physic...ians providing services that were beyond their qualifications.

"'The AMA agrees with Justice Alito, speaking for the three dissenting justices, that today's decision 'will spawn confusion' by creating far reaching-effects on the jurisdiction of states to regulate medicine and protect patient safety,' Dr. Wah said in a statement emailed to Medscape Medical News."

These continued statements by physician groups continuing to portray themselves as the defenders of patient safety against advanced practice providers are unwarranted and unsubstantiated by any evidence of data of clinical outcomes.