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Nurse Practitioners Get Small Victory Toward Expanded Powers [FL]

Posted almost 4 years ago by Nicholas M Perrino

If the Florida Medical Association reviewed the evidence here, they may realize that a) the prescribing behaviors for NPs, PAs, and MD/DOs are virtually identical, and b) that the vast majority of other U.S. states--that number is 46-49--already allows NPs and PAs to prescribe controlled substances under their own DEA licenses. There has never been any data to suggest, in other states that already allow this, that there are any problems. Not allowing this unnecessarily restricts the scope of the NP and PA and burdens the healthcare system and its patients with inefficiency and delay.

Higher levels of training are completely unnecessary. Masters and doctoral education, advanced pharmacology courses, board certification, and years of experience as nurses (for NPs) have been effective and sufficient.

Decisions and recommendations need to be based on evidence, not fear.

"A second Senate committee has approved a bill that spells out the ability of highly trained nurses, known as practitioners, to order controlled substances in the hospital.

A separate bill would give nurse practitioners and PA's the ability to prescribe controlled substances, which is allowed in most states. But the Florida Medical Association and other doctor groups say a higher level of training should be required, and they oppose the bill."