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Senate panel OKs expansion of nurses' role [MI]

Posted over 3 years ago by Nicholas M Perrino

The research and evidence have never shown prescribing behaviors to be any different between physicians and nurse practitioners.

Hopeful when state representatives listened to concerns from both physicians and nurses, they also reviewed the evidence and ensured the validity and veracity of the concerns. You can be concerned of a shark attack when swimming in the ocean, though that doesn't mean a) it is very likely to ever happen or b) you should be prevented from swimming in the ocean for your own safety.

"The Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners has sought full practice authority for its 5,400 members, saying highly trained nurses can improve access to care in regions of the state that have too few physicians. Doctors initially opposed the legislation because it would give authority to nurses which, they argue, should be restricted to physicians with higher levels of education and training."