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Advanced nurses can do more but are not a substitute for doctors [SC]

Posted over 3 years ago by Nicholas M Perrino

Are Dr. Pearce's opinions substantiated by evidence and facts? Does he provide any to support his position?

"I have seen firsthand how effectively and efficiently physicians and APRNs work together in a rural health clinic, and how satellite offices in even smaller communities can be staffed by APRNs working as a part of the rural health team. I believe the majority of APRNs in our state are happy and productive in that model of health care.

Nurses argue their training is adequate for what they wish to do. I agree that it prepares them perfectly for working with physicians. I do not believe it is adequate for the responsibility of the independent care of patients.

A bill supported by the medical association proposes an individualized practice agreement that would be signed by doctors and nurses. In that way, experienced nurses can have a formalized agreement that involves minimal supervision but would include chart review for quality assessment similar to what physicians do for each other all the time. Younger, more inexperienced nurses would need a closer period of supervision that can be relaxed with time."