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Nurse prescribers have 'come of age' and are now essential [U.K.]

Posted over 3 years ago by Nicholas M Perrino

Ms. Kearney is quite thoughtful on where healthcare is likely to be headed, and, the openness we need to have to train, educate, and equip other clinicians with prescribing privileges when and where appropriate. Pharmacists and some specialty-trained nurses seem to make the most sense first, and if done properly and safely, could create tremendous efficiencies in the system for both providers/other clinicians and patients themselves.

"[Teresa Kearney] said nurse prescribers would be vital for the autonomous, advanced practice that clinicians are expected to carry out in the coming years.

She referred to NHS England's Five-Year Forward View, published last autumn, which sets out plans to shift care away from hospitals and into the community and to ensure better integration of health and social care.

'We have come of age,' she said. 'We have got to a stage in our evolution where fundamentally the role of the prescriber, no matter what clinical role, is absolutely essential.'

'Why? Because will be completing episodes of care in more remote places, with more autonomy and with more advanced practice than we have ever had historically'."