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Nurse Practitioner Pay Eclipses $100K Annually

Posted over 3 years ago by Nicholas M Perrino

Does the closing gap between physician and nurse practitioner (or physician assistant) pay make the argument in support of these advanced practice roles more difficult when it comes to affordability and cost-saving measures within the healthcare system? Or, is this simply correcting a pay disparity when equal work & services are rendered?

"Nurse practitioners are seeing annual net incomes surpass $100,000 as their roles expand amid a doctor shortage, changing state regulations and the push toward team-based approaches to keeping patients healthy and costs in check.

A new report by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners shows total annual income increasing this year to $108,643 from $98,760 in 2011, the last time the organization conducted a compensation survey. The nurse practitioner association's analysis is based on a survey earlier this year of more than 2,200 nurse practitioners.

The study comes as trends in insurance payment under the Affordable Care Act as well as the private sector encourage health systems to get patients more care upfront whether it be in a doctor's office, health center or retail clinic."