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Despite patient risks, most docs, nurse practitioners go to work when sick

Posted over 3 years ago by Nicholas M Perrino

"Why? The majority say it's because of staffing concerns, they don't want to let their colleagues or patients down, they fear their colleagues will ostracize them if they do call in sick and they have concerns about continuity of care.

When researchers drilled down further into open response comments, they found that physicians also noted that it's extremely difficult to find coverage and there is a strong culture to come to work unless remarkably ill."

Opportunities for correcting this problem:
1. culture change to decrease the stigma associated with healthcare workers' illnesses.
2. organizations to create a safer and more equitable system of sick leave that factors in workforce demands and patient safety solutions
3. strong administrative and physician leadership and creativity are also necessary to support appropriate sick leave and ensure adequate staffing
4. team-based patient care model to help address the reluctance of ill healthcare workers to take time off from work