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Passage of 'PA Modernization Act' Will Greatly Enhance Access to Quality Healthcare [OH]

Posted over 3 years ago by Nicholas M Perrino

"This week, the Ohio governor and state lawmakers took a vital step to ensure Ohioans, who have faced a medical provider shortage with potential severe healthcare consequences, have increased access to quality medical providers by enacting Senate Bill 110 (SB 110). With measures to enable physician assistants (PAs) to more fully provide effective and efficient patient care, SB 110 modernizes the Buckeye State's law for the more than 2,400 practicing PAs.

Now that SB 110 has been signed into law, all 50 states and the District of Columbia use the same official regulatory term, 'licensure,' increasing PAs ability to practice. The bill broadens the utilization of PAs, enhancing access for patients and improving the efficiency with which PAs are licensed to practice medicine. This bill and a recent report from the National Governors Association highlight the fact that state lawmakers are recognizing the value of PAs."