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Less than 30% of GPs willing to employ physician assistants [U.K.]

Posted over 3 years ago by Nicholas M Perrino

"Less than a third of GPs would be prepared to employ physician assistants, despite the Government promoting them as a way of solving the GP recruitment crisis, a Pulse survey has revealed.

A poll of more than 450 GPs across the UK found that only 32% of practices would be prepared to employ physician assistants - alternatively known as physician associates (PA), who take on a more clinical role - while over 40% ruled out any possibility of hiring them."

GPs' rationale for their anti-PA position:
1. PAs "lack of medical training"
2. "little evidence to prove that [utilizing more PAs] would save cash"
3. PAs haven't taken the "essential (and expensive)" tests/exams as GPs have, causing an "unacceptable threat to patient safety"
4. PAs would "pose a threat to GP jobs" as they'd be sought after for "reasons of cost rather than quality"
5. "liability"