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Nurse anesthetists raise quality of life [NC]

Posted about 3 years ago by Nicholas M Perrino

"Certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) have been a valuable asset to the state of North Carolina for over 150 years.

Through their hard work and tireless efforts, many citizens have received affordable, quality care. Without the work of CRNAs, many North Carolinians would simply go without the care they need. The dedication and hard work of a CRNA has helped many of North Carolina's injured veterans, those currently serving in the armed forces and people residing in underserved, rural communities.

There are more then 2,500 CRNAs in North Carolina who deliver excellent service to their patients each day.

CRNAs work alongside surgeons, obstetricians, podiatrists and other healthcare professionals. They are experts in their field, and are a valuable part of healthcare delivery all across our state. I'm proud of our local CRNAs, and I know the thousands of local people they treat appreciate their work as well.

I hope our leaders in Raleigh will continue to support our certified registered nurse anesthetists and allow them to work to the full extent of their scope of practice. We are fortunate to have these professionals among us, contributing to a higher quality of life in our community and our state."